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Recreational and Medical Dispensary

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Provisions Dispensary Walsenburg

We bring our customers the very best cannabis experience possible by working with industry leading companies who produce Colorado’s premium products. We seek the most exotic terpene-rich flowers we can source from Colorado’s top growers.

Provisions implements UV protective Mason Jars equipped with an air tight humimeter lid in our quality control process. These amber jars protect the buds against 99% of harmful light that degrades the THC percentage, color, smell, taste and overall quality of the flower. Our humimeter lids make sure our flower stays at a perfect humidity in order to protect the overall quality of our flower.

We want our customers to have the best quality buds. Visit Provisions Dispensary today and pick some up!

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From Pothead cannabis community! this store ARE BEST EVER IN COLORADO THAT WHAT I THINK since we travel around in Colorado we decide pick which one is best IS PROVISIONS DISPENSARY! ITS BEST AND BEST FEEL when enter that STORE OH MY GOD!!! IT A HEAVEN!!! TRUST ME YOU WILL LOVE IT THIS STORE NO QUESTION!!!! Hey staff let me know if you want a DOPE PIN LET ME KNOW
Jester L